Should I Buy a New Jogging Stroller? August 20, 2015


I could definitely use a jogging stroller


Hands free jogging strollers offer a viable, safe solution to parents who are not willing to leave their kids alone at home. These hands free jogging stroller offer a fair chance for the parents to remain fit and healthy through an everyday jog taking their kids along.

An interior designer, Sarah Ray Fay, designed the Stroll Smart hands free jogging stroller adapter. Sarah was frustrated with the fact that she cannot jog with free arms while simultaneously handling her son’s stroller in the park. She noticed that this was in fact a common problem faced by a lot of parents coming to the park with their kids in strollers. After 6 years of rigorous design process, Sarah finally came up with a light weight hands free adaptor that can be attached to any jogging stroller. The spring loaded action and the quick release mechanism of the package offer ease of use for the parents.

This jogging stroller doesn’t need a constant use of the hands and ensures a proper running motion for the jogging parent. With the stretchable belt, the posture of the person is not compromised while jogging. The stroll smart adapter helps to decrease the arm and back fatigue while jogging, offering increased comfort and safety. This surely qualifies to make these the best jogging strollers available in the market

The Stroll smart package includes a flexible neoprene belt with slots for phone, key or mp3 player. A security clip is attached to the belt through a handlebar in order to hold the smart adapter. Hex keys on handle bar and spacer cuffs are also provided with the package.   The spacer cuffs can adjust the jogging stroller up to 35 mm width of the handle bar.

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What I Consider When Buying a Safe Car Sat July 18, 2015


Car seat comes in various types and classes categorized on the basis of gender, age, weight and size. The main classification is done according to the age and size of the child. For children, proper safety factors are kept in consideration while travelling. To meet proper safety measures car seat should follow the pre-defined standards set by the United Nation size rules and instructions. The guide book that comes with the car seat should be consulted and read thoroughly before fitting it inside the car.


For children till age 1 the back facing car seats is used to minimize accidental injuries. The back facing seat comes in groups, dividing it on the basis of weight. These seats for babies up to 9 months are not very common. Till the child reaches the age of 6 both front and back facing car seats are used according to the child’s weight which goes to 25 kg. Front facing seats can be used at any age. It can bear more weight as compared to other car seats. Booster seats can bear weight up to 36 kg.


Most of the child seats are adjustable and can be modified as the child grows, according to his height and size. As they are designed for more than one type and group of children they are often named as combination seats. They are considered to be the best car seat as there is no need to replace them with the growth of the baby. In this way they can prove to be very economical.

For babies the car seats are changed and upgraded with age and increase in size. For nearly 9 months when the baby has less weight the baby is seated facing backward for safety purposes. When the baby weighs about 9 kg and above the car seats is upgraded to front facing like normal car seats.

For older kids between 4 to 11 years the adjustable strap systems are used to secure the baby on the seat until they are big enough to use the car’s inbuilt seat belt.

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Baby Monitor for Little Chloe July 16, 2015

For a child’s care and security different measures are adopted like baby gates, locks and non-hazardous toys. Baby monitor is a product which ensures a child’s well-being and allows an abrupt response in case anything happens to the baby.

Baby monitors are used for the ease of parents. If mishandled or left unchecked, it can turn out to be risky for the baby. For instance a toddles may put the baby monitor in his mouth out of curiosity. The wires may be exposed or the baby monitor may have a worn out casing which is very hazardous to the child.


There are several deaths and incidents reported due to choking and wrapping of a monitor cable around a baby’s neck.  The reason being the placing the baby monitor very close to the crib or at a lower level, easily accessible by the baby.


Appropriate way to use a baby monitor is to place it at a minimum of three feet from the crib or any other place where baby plays. The safe distance is roughly calculated equal to the size of crib plus a few inches. The cables of the monitor should be folded with it and the monitor should be located at a distant place, never inside or at the end of the crib.


For complete inspection and protection of the baby, observe the areas where the baby has direct contact while sleeping, eating and playing. If the baby is able to crawl, you should do the same and see things from his angle. In this way certain things can be pointed out which are normally neglected. If the baby sits-up do the same. You might need to lower the mattress of crib so the baby’s hand cannot reach the monitor.

If the baby is able to stand and walk special care should be taken as to which things they can access easily without trouble.

Your work doesn’t end after setting up the baby monitor. Certain precautionary measures should also be taken in order to be sure about the baby’s care. The electrical openings should be covered so that baby doesn’t place his finger inside. The best baby monitor has an insulated casing to protect the user from any electric shock. For protecting a child from being locked inside a room cover the door handles. Keep tablets and other liquid cleaners at a fair distance from the baby. For pleasurable parenting prepare yourself months before the growing stage of the baby.

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How We Improved Our Baby’s Comfort Level June 24, 2015

Making Chloe Comfortable


A mattress topper, as suggested by the name is a mattress topping that could be placed on top of the mattress. If you have a mattress, then you can sleep. But a mattress topper is like the icing on the cake. It adds the comfort of the mattress and makes it much more comfortable without having a significant increase in the cost.

Comfort is not the sole advantage of the mattress topper. Apart from increasing the comfort level, it provides numerous other advantages. Most of the mattress toppers are waterproof and prevent staining of the actual mattress from spills. Even those toppers that are not waterproof themselves, provide an extra cover for the spills and prevent them from reaching your mattress directly. The toppers can be taken off and cleaned which is much easier than cleaning the whole mattress.

When your mattress becomes old and you do not want to spend money on a whole new mattress altogether, mattress toppers are the best way to go. They provide you with the feeling of a comfortable new mattress for a small price as compared to the actual price of the mattress. Mattress toppers come in lots of shapes and sizes.

This article will discuss the different types of mattress toppers and serve as a Mattress Topper Buying Guide. First of all we will discuss the different materials that go into making the mattress toppers. These materials are usually memory foam, wool, down feather or other foam material known as egg crate. Although they differ in materials, there is no best mattress topper. The best mattress topper for every user is the one he feels comfortable with and it varies from person to person. The details of the different types are discussed below.

First is the memory foam mattress topper. Some underprivileged cannot afford the luxury of buying a memory foam mattress, but they can buy the next best thing, the memory foam mattress topper which serves the same purpose. It wraps around your body perfectly and is perfect for painful joints. It reduces the sensitivity and you don’t have to worry about a partner that tosses around at night. Care should be taken before buying a mattress topper by people who suffer from, a medical condition or allergies. Special mattress toppers are available for them.

Wool toppers, although slightly expensive make up for it in their durability. They are usually made of lamb wool and are known to last for years. They are very soft and don’t usually present allergy or pest problems.

Feather mattress toppers are made out of delicate feathers and provide an extra layer of softness as well as warmth during the winters. These are also durable and make a good investment.

Egg crate memory toppers are not expensive at all and can be rolled up making them easily portable. They are firm and provide a good night’s rest. No matter what type of mattress topper you wish to buy, you can easily locate it on websites like eBay.



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Who wouldn’t want Blue Ivy’s amazing baby crib? June 21, 2015


At the start of this calendar year, the arrival of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby girl was on everyone’s tongue. Madfinger’s Baby Blue made its way to the top of the billboard charts long before the birth of Blue Ivy Carter so it only makes sense that baby Blue gets the Best Baby Crib available in the market.

Purchasing something new and safe for your newborn is perhaps the most fascinating and energizing things one ever does in their life. While there are numerous baby cribs out in the market, everyone has a particular preference.

For this very purpose, Andrea Edmunds, the president of PoshTots was approached. She is the go-to person for celebrities in need of a baby nursery. She worked with a score of celebrities before to prepare for the new arrival to the family.

Andrea Edmunds was approached by the MTV News in order to get an idea about what the nursery for the new arrival in Beyonce’s life would look like. Although she could not divulge the information confided in her by a client, but it is rumored that the couple had placed an order for her famous “Fantasy Coach Carriage Crib”, which costs around twenty thousand dollars.

Although Andrea could not say exactly what baby Blue’s nursery would look like, she did strongly suggest some of the things that might be a part of the crib. The first thing was the iron cradle, which is a necessary item for moms who would like to keep their babies close. The cradle itself costs two thousand dollars and it is draped with two thousand dollars worth of linens. Apart from that, there are gifts inside the cradle that are pretty common among the celebrities.

These gifts include angora booties that actually look like soft baby mittens. Apart from this, there was also a silk Charmeuse baby blanket. This baby blanket is also another common gift among celebrities.

We may or may not know the exact contents of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little girl’s nursery. But one thing that we can be sure of is that it will be a really special crib and anyone who sees it is bound to fall in love with it.


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Happy New Parents May 7, 2015

parents-day-coloring-pages-parent-day-coloring-pages-free-1Hello, we’re the Kirklands Anabelle and Walter. We’ve recently become parents and we have a sweet little princess named Chloe. This blessed event has inspired us to create a blog on parenthood. Whatever we’ll experience, our readers will experience too and hopefully we can help other couples who have some dillemas.


We wish you a pleasant day!

Anabelle, Walter and Chloe

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